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About Us

2Xcell is a tool for flipped classrooms, where teachers can tell students what to learn ahead of the class. On 2xcell, students are guided by mentors and learn through interactive 3D-2D videos. It reverses the traditional role of teacher where teacher is not the “sage” on the stage but the “guide” to the path of success. There is an increase interaction between students and teachers.

With 2Xcell, students get personalized learning experience. They can access school learning material at home at their own pace, reviewing and replaying the modules multiple times. It creates an environment where students take responsibility for their own learning. On 2Xcell, Interactive Learning Modules, Assignments, Activities, and Tests strengthen the learning base of students and give them instant learning feedback. 2Xcell connects the student with their classmates, enables peer learning, and enforces competitive spirit among students with its Gamification and Leaderboard Rank innovation.

Our fundamental beliefs that inform and drive the innovation process:
  • Learner's voluntary participation critically leads to superior learning outcomes
  • A teacher plays a pivotal role as a mentor, facilitator and interpreter of reality
  • Technology and tools must support the primary pedagogic agenda and not vice versa

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(Valid for academic session: April 2018- March 2020)
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9 - 10
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6 - 8
₹ 10000
₹ 12000
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1 - 5
₹ 9000
₹ 11000
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